Phone Cases on 1/2 Price Sale + 15% More at Zazzle’s for 2 Days Only!

Carry Your Art Around With You!

Take the links below NOW if you are looking for a unique iPhone case for your phone. Great sale going on right now at Zazzle. iPhone cases 50% off + another 15% off with Code: VETERANDAY14 HURRY: Zazzle Sale End Tuesday. Reg. 47.95 On Sale for $23.97 + another 15% on top of that!  WOW

Do you want to pick out your own image from my paintings to go on your phone? Go to my website at and let me know which painting you want and I will design it on your type of phone for you. But do it NOW if you want to catch the sale prices at Zazzle.

If you miss the sale, you can still order these designs and more on Zazzle.

Empowering Women Series of Paintings on iPhone 6 Cases

All About Empowering Women?

Let me know what you think below.  If you have any suggestions, list them below.

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